The Origin of Oracle

The Story so far…

It was 1992 Cape Town, Australia vs South Africa Test Rugby. The Springboks had rejoined the Rugby World: an untried and untested team up against a proven force in the Wallabies. Here in Australia it was a frosty night as a few mates gathered around a screen to watch the game, but for John Nash this night was going to prove to be the genesis of something far greater than just a night at home with a few mates, beers and Rugby!

The game starting bets were layed: First scored Michael Lynagh, Australia (John Nash Tipped), Half time Score 3-8 Australia (John Nash Tipped and on fire!), Full Time Score 3 -26 Australia Won John Nash, Tipped ……all hail ‘The Oracle’ !! It would be re-assuring if life always went the way we want but it doesn’t. Our personal and  business lives are full of risks that we need to manage, which is why insurance is so important for you, your business and family. Oracle is a privately  owned, local business dealing in both Life and General Insurance. John Nash (‘Oracle’ and rugby follower) has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry much of which has been in Agribusiness. John can provide you with the right COVER for your needs at the right PRICE with the necessary SECURITY and SERVICE. These are the four pillars on which Oracle Insurance is built.

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